Terms and Conditions

Study these terms and conditions carefully before you use the services offered at sh00t.nl. If there are parts within these conditions that you cannot agree to, or if you have difficulty reading these terms and conditions, cease your visit to the website immediately. Registration as a User of sh00t.nl means that you agree with the applicable terms and conditions. Visiting sh00t.nl and/or using our services implies that you accept these terms and conditions fully and without reservation.

1. Definitions

1.1. Next Step Media B.V..; To be regarded as the operator, owner and administrator of sh00t.nl, hereinafter also referred to as "Next Step Media".

1.2. User: Any person who visits sh00t.nl or uses the services or products offered by Next Step Media B.V.

1.3. Profile: All of the personal characteristics and preferences that a User provides to display to other users on the platform.

1.4. Website: A medium for presenting information via the Internet.

1.5 Service: The offered or provided mobile telecommunications/texting service which includes the provision of Content, in whatever form available, by Next Step Media B.V.

2. Age restrictions

2.1. Visitors aged 18 years or older may register as a User on Next Step Media websites, users under the age of 18 will be deactivated by our employees immediately and their profile will be deleted.

2.2. The User declares that, in the event of a payment via phone, that they have permission from the owner of the (mobile) phone connection/ the accountholder before making a payment to Next Step Media B.V

3. Content and use of the Website

3.1. The services offered by Next Step Media are designed for entertainment purposes. Users are able to flirt with other users and can share sexual fantasies. The website is a platform that allows users to communicate with one another and it offers a passive connection between the online publication and the distribution of profiles and information.

3.2. For security reasons, Next Step Media stores your computer’s IP address upon login. We reserve the right, in the event of abuse, to retrieve personal information related to you and your connection on the basis of this IP address.

3.3. Next Step Media websites are secured in such a way that your data is stored in a secure environment. Information provided upon registration, apart from your profile and photos, are not accessible to third parties, and are not passed on, sold or exchanged to other parties.

3.4. Users of the site are not allowed to use the website system to send marketing messages, it is therefore understandable that all messages entered on the site may or may not be read by operators for inspection, regardless of the fact whether these operators are the addressed or not. Pictures in your profile or the accompanying text may not contain any text linking to a website, physical address, telephone number, etc. As a User, you declare that you will not use any photos of a prohibited nature, childhood photos (under the age of 18), group photos, photos that display children, photos of animals, or photos of people other than yourself who are clearly visible when you post photos on Next Step Media websites. We reserve the right to refuse or remove photos or images, and will not enter into correspondence about this decision.

3.5. Next Step Media cannot accept any responsibility regarding the entertainment services offered via this site, it cannot be held liable if registration/participation does not lead to a User’s desired result. This service is not intended to, but does not rule out that, physical contact, a relationship, or a sex date can be made on this website. Again, Next Step Media is protected from all liabilities from all users in this regard. Users are also able to, even if this is not allowed, submit inaccurate information or use participation to the websites of Next Step Media for other unlawful purposes. Next Step Media is not liable for this unauthorized or unlawful use. Next Step Media cannot monitor or determine the accuracy of the identity of its users, especially in regard to personal characteristics such as gender, birth date and appearance. For this reason, Next Step Media cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness regarding the created and participating profiles, nor any other information provided by users in the broadest sense of the term. Nor does Next Step Media accept any responsibility or liability for the fact that our service includes both natural and fictitious, moderated profiles that contribute to entertainment purposes. With these profiles, physical contact may not be possible in all cases. Next Step Media accepts no liability for any damage caused by, for, or making arrangements and the possible consequences and inconveniences that may arise from said arrangements. Participation is at risk for the User.

3.6. Users acknowledge and accept that some users and profiles of Next Step Media websites are fictitious. Next Step Media expressly reserves the right to start up conversations on sh00t.nl through these fictitious profiles, despite the fact that no physical arrangements will be possible. Fictitious users and profiles are linked to Website Hosts ("Hosts"). These Hosts are active for the Site, with the goal to encourage more participation on the Site and to promote the services associated with the Site. This activity includes posting information and/or uploading profile pictures. The Hosts also monitor user activity and communications, in an effort to ensure that these comply with our Terms and Conditions. Users understand and accept that information, text and photos of Hosts profiles are fictitious and merely intended to carry out the above tasks and for entertainment purposes. Nothing from the Host profiles is meant to describe an actual person - alive or dead. All similarities between a Host profile description and an actual person are purely coincidental. Be aware that a single Host can be involved in more than one (1) profile on the participating sites.

3.7 A User can create a profile by completing the registration process in its entirety. Upon completion of the registration process, the user is expected to provide current and complete information about themselves. The User guarantees that any changes in this information are immediately passed onto the website or will be changed by the User themselves on the personal pages of the website. By completing your registration, you provide the Website license to use any and all intellectual property rights on the content that the User submits to the Website. This license includes, in particular, the Website’s right to duplicate, display, translate, scan, use for publicity purposes, both commercial and non-commercial, sublicense, or transfer content that relates to Profiles.

4. Cancellation and registration

4.1. The User is entitled, without having to provide a reason, to cancel their account. Personal information such as age, gender, matching results and profile pictures are collected, stored, processed and used within the framework of our service. This information is always completely cleared when you cancel your account. Personal information is information that contains information about personal and business relationships of a defined or definable customer. The data record of the customer is erased and the contractual relationships are ended upon cancellation.

5. Cost and usage.

5.1. The cost of using the websites of Next Step Media are entirely at the expense and risk of the User.

5.2. The telephone costs for the paid part of the site are £1.00 per message for Users from the United Kingdom.

5.3. The abovementioned expenses are charged to the phone bill of the number that is used for participation and/responses on the websites of Next Step Media.

5.4. The cost of paid services of the website vary between 64 pence per message and £1.00 per message.

5.6. To send one message or flirt, 5 credits are required on Next Step Media websites.

5.7. Next Step Media accepts no liability for any consequences arising or resulting from frequent and/or incorrect use of the offered entertainment service.

5.8. Payments received may only be returned within the cancellation period of 14 days. If the service or any part thereof is consumed or (partly) expires within these 14 days it voids (for that part) the right of cancellation.

5.9. Credits are valid up to 3 months after purchase. Next Step Media reserves the right to remove any credits in the account that have not been used within those 3 months.

6. Right of cancellation

6.1. You have 14 days to cancel your purchase in relates to digital services provided by Next Step Media. Users may cancel their purchase within 14 days after purchase without providing any reasons.

6.2. The risk and burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of right of cancellation lie with the user.

6.3. If the service or any part thereof is consumed or (partly) expires within these 14 days it voids (for that part) the right of cancellation. For subscriptions, Next Step Media uses a subscription fee equal to at least 1 month.

6.4. The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of right of cancellation lie with the user. In order to exercise the right of cancellation, the user must send an unequivocal statement (by e-mail to support@securepaysafe.com) to notify us of your decision to cancel from the agreement. Users can do so using a standard cancellation form, but are not obliged to do so.

6.5. Next Step Media uses the same means of payment initially used by the User for reimbursement, unless this is not possible. For example, in the event that a User opted for a phone payment. In that case, the User will be asked to provide an account number.

7. Liability

7.1. Aside from legally imposed responsibilities and those responsibilities that cannot be excluded, Next Step Media, nor any of its directors, employees, representatives or agents, are responsible for personal loss, direct or indirect damages, responsibilities, claims or expenses (including, but not limited to legal fees, trial costs or settlement costs) arising out of, or related to, the content of this website in any shape or form. Moreover, Next Step Media will not carry any liability for the conduct, actions or negligence of other people participating in its websites, in any form.

7.2. Next Step Media is in no way liable for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of Profiles. The websites include profiles, advertisements, and other content aimed towards entertainment purposes. Physical contact is not possible in all cases.

8. Copyright

8.1. All contributions and pictures published on Next Step Media websites are protected by copyright. The provider must request permission in accordance with copyright law, regardless of what use is intended. An agreement must be provided by the provider in writing. This applies to copying, editing, translating, storing, processing i.e. displaying content in databases or other electronic media and systems. Prints, photocopies and downloads from Next Step Media websites are exclusively allowed for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1. The Next Step Media Privacy Conditions apply when using this website. These conditions detail how personal data of users is processed. Next Step Media abides by laws and regulations relating to the protection of privacy and legislation of cookies. Please refer to the privacy statement on the website for additional information.

10. Changes in price and terms and conditions

10.1 Next Step Media has the right to modify services and prices published on its Websites at any time and thus amend the provisions of these terms and conditions, either to make adjustments or to add more information. It is your personal responsibility to regularly review these terms and conditions. Your continued use of the Website after the effective date of any amendments indicates that you approve of the change(s) and that you agree to and accept these changes.

10.2 Next Step Media dismisses any liability for any damaging consequences arising from changes made to the content of the Websites or the terms and conditions.

11. Helpdesk

11.1. If you have any complaints, questions and/or comments, please use the contact form on the site to get in touch with our support team. Please note that any questions relating to the Website, where answers to the questions are readily available on the Website, will not be answered. Any question asked should be clear and comprehensive, and include any error codes or error messages.

12. Dutch law

12.1. Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions. In case of any discrepancies between the Dutch Text and the English translation, the original Dutch text will be binding and shall prevail. The court in Amsterdam is considered competent to judge any dispute related to these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, their validity, interpretation, execution and/or termination and subsequent consequences.